Blood Clots during or after Pregnancy

Blood clots!

I’m currently 32 + 4 weeks pregnant and I have a blood clot….

Just going to start from the very beginning of my journey which started about 5/6 years ago. I was 2 months post natal and started feeling pains in my right leg I thought what must I have done? I remember going to sit down in the shower and it felt like I pulled something in my calf, but thought nothing of it.

The next day it was really hurting, so I took some paracetamol didn’t work. Two days past I couldn’t put pressure on it when I walked so I rang my local doctors office up and tried to get the doctor to come out to me as I basically couldn’t walk but he was very busy! So my partner carried me to the doctors (seems funny now but it wasn’t at the time).

My name buzzed and I hobbled in.

Told him all my symptoms : swelling, pain, unable to put pressure on it. So he got me to pull my leggings up so he could have a feel of my calf…he said you must of pulled a muscle when you bent down in the shower. So I got prescribed pain medication said take these for a week the swelling should go and so should the pain!

Well 3 days past I was in excruciating pain I couldn’t sleep my leg was still swollen and started to look blue! Right I said this isn’t right rang my mother up crying saying I need to go hospital I can’t of pulled a muscle.

Got to A&E told them my symptoms and waited to be seen. At this point it was kind of a blur to me what was happening and I still can’t remember how it all went as I was in so much pain. I just remember hopping into the room to be checked pulled my trousers down on the bed and basically straight away the doctor said Blood Clot!!! I was in shock and I remember just looking at my mother thinking HOW? WHAT? I probably cried I can’t really remember.

I had a scan turns out I had blood clots from my pelvis all the way down to my foot! BAD. No wonder I was in so much pain. I was in hospital for 3 days with stockings on my legs and remember missing my baby so much! This part is a blur to be honest so i’ll go to when I got home! I went straight to my room and got into bed with my legs propped up. Had all my pain medications I was constantly crying during this time as I couldn’t move my legs without it really hurting. I was getting stressed out as my leg ceased up so i couldn’t straighten it out I ended up with crutches. I was breast feeding at the time and my milk has basically dried up due to everything happening so I was very emotional that I couldn’t feed my baby. I couldn’t hold her properly due to pain.

I was going to my check up appointments at the hospital, they said I need to try be more active to help get my leg working again, keep wearing my stockings through the day. I was put on a medicine called Warfarin (Coumadin) which is an anticoagulant medication, This means it helps prevent clots from forming in the blood. Blood thinners treat some types of hearts disease however overtime the blood clot may dissolve on its own. I can’t swallow tablets so I was put on a liquid solution of it.

For about a year I was still taking warfarin and going to weekly blood tests to tell me how much dosage I should take for that week! It was a nightmare as things I ate or drank would affect my blood so it was constantly being changed and kept me on it longer, But after about a year ish i finally stopped taking it.

Which brings me to now 🙂

Me and my partner (Daniel) decided to have a second child back in May 2016 and started the process haha. It took just 1 month to catch and I was about 4 weeks when i took about 12 pregnancy tests! All positive, I was so impatient waiting for Dan to go on his work break to tell him!

8 weeks pregnant… summer holidays I had my daughter signed up to loads of activities at the local library. First week of the holidays there was an activity so we got up started to get ready I didn’t feel 100%  but thought just a bit of morning sickness. Then I was sick about 8 times but just my stomach lining so I tried to eat something…then went off to the library. I was sat there with a friend from my daughters school and asked for her to watch Evaa while I pop to the toilet as i felt like puking again…event had finished i walked to my mothers as it was closer. Got there wrapped up on sofa with a sick bowl waiting for 1:00pm to arrive so we could go get my booking bloods done.

They asked if I pass out during my blood being taken I said not normally but today i’m not 100% and explained my morning to them. Two days later I had appoint at Birmingham Womens Hospital to see a specialist midwife in Blood clots and start me off on Clexane injections to prevent a blood clot forming as I previously had one before. I went in straight away and said to her I’m actually feeling the same pain in my Left leg like 5 years ago in my Right leg. She rang up the consultant and explained they sent me straight over to A&E. I’d been seen and they put it down to sciatica but I insisted it wasn’t that type of pain and wanted a scan…so had to wait around for about an hour. Scan came back and guess what ANOTHER blood clot at 8 weeks pregnant! Thank god though it wasn’t as bad as last time.

Speaking with the doctors they said I’ll have to be put on clexane still but the highest dosage as now i’m pregnant with a clot not just preventing one. So daily injections in my stomach for the rest of pregnancy and 3 months post natal YAY! not. I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and not enjoying injecting my stomach everyday but it’s keeping me and peanut (baby) safe!

I wanted to write this blog due to the awareness of people not knowing about blood clots as much as everyone should. Basically anyone can get a blood clot at any point in their life, it doesn’t matter if your active or not. If you work at a desk or an athlete it really doesn’t matter ANYONE can get a clot! and this is the reason why i’m writing this because people just think that only “lazy” people get them from not moving or playing video games.

I would love whoever is reading this to keep an eye out for pains or aches and to tell everyone they know ‘did you know anyone can get a blood clot’ spread the awareness and help saves people lives as it does kill if un-diagnosed!

Thank you for reading stay safe and well!

Love mommadinks x

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